Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Frog Shower Illustration by Andrew Hitchen

This is another experiment using my original artwork and then manipulating it in Photoshop. The sky was done with soft green pastels, with a touch of yellow. The figure of the man holding an umbrella, the falling frogs and the houses in the background were all done with pen and coloured inks. The different pieces of artwork were scanned and then cobbled together in Photoshop. For the reflections, I simply flipped and inverted the images and then used the opacity control. The rippled water was from a photograph which I saturated with green to reflect the colour of the sky.


  1. the efect of reflection on water and the rainy frogs are pretty cool, great illustration!


  2. Hello, Andy. First time visit to your blog. Came by way of a Flickr photostream that "faved" one of your art pieces.
    I find your work delightfully giggly creepy :)